This picture was taken inside a Cabin.
The siding is Duratemp. A plywood
based siding with a thin layer of
hardboard on the outside to protect
the wood. DuraTemp has a 50 Year
Limited Warranty. All our trusses are
made of Stress Rated 1650 SPF. The
same wood used to build the trusses
in your home.
All trusses have a center
brace. Without it the building
will, over time, spread. As the
building spreads the eave
around the building will bow
out, more so in the center.
The same type metal plates
that hold your home trusses
together are used on our
Floors are made of 3/4"
Advantech flooring. 8'
Wide sheds have 2X4 floor
joists 16" O.C. The 10' and
12' Wide buildings have
2X6 floor joists 16" O.C. All
our sheds are mounted to
2 double 2X6 treated skids.
A Mr Shed is easy for us to
move, something we often
do for our customers.
Headers on load bearing walls are
double 2X4 or double 2X6 ALWAYS.
Roof sheathing is 7/16 in. OSB
TechShield Radiant Barrier.
Absolutely no
compromise for quality.

The Craftsmanship found in a Mr
Shed building is unsurpassed within
the industry.   

You Deserve It.