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Let us answer some of your questions on why  we do the things we do.
We build on 2 double 2X6 skids because its simply the best system to support your
building.  Multiple skids require support under each skid or else the floor will sag,  
bulge or become spongy and fail.
We use Stanley steel galvanized hinges with a nylon bushing because
they are the best we have found. Never had a call back on them.
Siding warranties require 6" above grade.
Anything less will void your warranty.       
Our choice of singles is Owens Corning Oakridge Laminate
Shingles that carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
A high quality acrylic exterior house paint is  
the standard. Non-acrylic stains are not     
recommended by the siding manufacturer.
Our choice of siding is Duratemp, it
carries a 50 Year Limited Warranty.  
We do use TruWood siding on our    
Utility buildings. TruWood has a 25
Year limited Warranty.
Floors are aways 3/4 inch engineered
product especially  manufactured as a
flooring product.
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ROC Lic: 112271
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