You can rest assured your new building was built using the same, time proven methods, your stick-built home was built.

Every nail used in the construction of your building is ring-shank and galvanized. They don’t rust or pull out easily. 

Every person, from the salesperson to the skilled craftsman who build your building is from the local area, contributing to the local economy. 

We use 2 coats of quality house paint, rolled on not sprayed.

The truss plates you see on our trusses and doors are the same used on the trusses in your home.

The TechShield Radiant Barrier you see on the roof is not the cheap way but the best way to protect your property.

We have been in business since 1990 and most of the buildings we built then are still in service today.

We are so confident of the of the construction of your building we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Everything we use, from the shingles to the hinges, carry a manufactures warranty.

Wood, such as dimensional lumber, is a natural product and cannot be warrantied by anyone. 

We are your local business, and you can trust us to take care of all your storage needs.