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All Kubota backhoes work the same. Watch this video for some important tips on how to operate a backhoe: (1) How to Operate a Kubota BT602 Backhoe & Product Overview | Messick’s – YouTube

If you feel you need more information or want to practice, we have a practice area. We will give a short instruction/safety class and allow you to practice for $40.00 per hour minimum 1 hour. Appointment only.

Item: 24653


The BX23STLB is ready to go to work loading, digging, and more. Easy to operate, it’s the one tool you need for property maintenance. A 21.6 HP diesel engine supplies the power to the 48-inch front-end loader giving it the power to lift 739 lbs. The backhoe has an incredible 1936 lbs of digging force to a depth of 6’1″.

Weight is 2785 lbs.

Daily rental……….$200.00

Weekend rate…….$300.00

Deposit: $600.00.



Kubota B26TLB. From landscaping to construction. A 24.3 HP diesel engine and 4WD insures the B26 takes productivity to the next level. The 60-inch front-end loader lift capacity is 1102 lbs. The backhoe has a digging force of 4210 lbs to a depth of 99.8 inches.

Weight is 4002 lbs.


Item: 31352


Kubota L39TLB with 4WD has a 37.5 HP diesel engine giving the front loader a lifting capacity of 2767 lbs. The backhoe has a digging force of 5825 lbs to a depth of 10 feet. 

Weight is 6987 lbs.

On Order

Item: 24553

Kubota L47TLB designed for the small and large contractor who needs the power to get the job done. Powered by a 47 HP diesel engine the 72-inch front loader has a lifting capacity of 2848 lbs. The backhoe has a digging force of 5825 to a depth of 10 feet.

Weight is 7205 lbs.

Daily rental……….$350.00

Weekend rate……$525.00

Deposit: $1200.00.

Item: 38453

Kubota M62 TLB with a 63 HP Kubota diesel engine, front loader with 3,960 lbs. of lift capacity and powerful Kubota backhoe with 14-foot max digging depth. Bucket Breakout Force 6,572 lbs. This is the big one. Waight 8995 LB. Requires 5/8 ball and ¾ ton truck to pull. Watch:

Daily rental……….$400.00

Weekend rate……$600.00

Deposit: $1500.00.

Item: 39553

U10-5 Kubota Mini Excavator. Maximum dig depth of 5 feet 11 inches and an operating weight of 2,646 pounds. 10.3 hp, Bucket breakout force of 2,337 lb. Travel speed is 2.5 mph. The all NEW Kubota U10 Series: 1-ton tight tail swing Excavator – YouTube



Item: 34553

Excavator, Kubota U35-4R1A. With thumb and angle blade. 24.8 Gross HP. Digging force of 7924 to a depth of 9’ 8.9”. Width 5′ 7″. Height 8′ 1.2″ Operating Weight* 8450 lbs. Watch: Excavator Operation for beginners. ISO\SAE controls, parts of a machine. – YouTube

Daily rental……….$400.00

Weekend rate……$600.00

Deposit: $1500.00.

Item: 34653

Skid Steer Loader. Thomas 1700  with a breakout force of 4000 lbs and a lifting capacity of 1700 lbs, this little skid steer can do a lot of work in a short amount of time.

Weight: 6380 LBS.

Daily Rental……….$300.00

Weekend Rate……$450.00

Deposit: $600.00

Item: 34753

Skid Steer Loader. Kubota SVL65 track loader has a 2-speed transmission and a lifting capacity of 2000 lbs and dumping height of 118.5 Inches. 68.3 HP diesel engine.

Weight: 8,465 lbs


Item: 19753

Kubota SVL 75 track loader has a 2 speed transmission and a lifting capacity of 2300 lbs and a dumping height of 119.1 inches. 74.3 HP diesel engine. Watch: How to Operate a Kubota SVL 75-2 (Skid Steer) – YouTube

Weight: 9032 lbs.

Daily Rental……….$400.00

Weekend Rate…..$600.00

Deposit: $1500.00.

Item: 25353

Ditch Witch C16 Walk Behind Trencher. Rented w/trailer. Trench Size (max) Depth 36in Width 6in.

Watch: (2) Ditch Witch Walk Behind Trencher Safety & Operation – YouTube

Weight: 1528 LBS

Daily Rental……….$225.00

Weekend Rate…….$337.50

Deposit: $400.00.

Item: 17512

 Track-Barrow, Power.

1100 LB Capacity  It’s equipped with three forward speeds plus Reverse. Watch: Honda GX200 Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 1/2 Ton Load Capacity Gas power Wheelbarrow – YouTube

Daily ……….$100.00

Weekend ……$150.00

Deposit: $250.00.

Item 39053

66-inch rock bucket. Universal fit. 2″ spacing.



Deposit $50.00

Universal fit forks. 48 Inch.



Deposit $50.00

Item: 23353

48 Inch Box Blade. Used with B23 or B26.



Deposit: $200.00.

Item: 30853

66 Inch Box Blade. Used with B26 or L39.



Deposit: $200.00.


60 Inch Land Plane/Leveler. Used with B26 or L39.


Item: 31053

72 Inch Land Plane/Leveler. Used with B26 or L39.


Item: 12312

Tie Down Kit. 2 20-foot Chains. 2 Binders.



Deposit: $75.00.

Item: 19405

Trailer Hitch 2 or 2 5/16 inch ball.



Deposit: $75.00.

Item: 24951

8X16 Dump trailer with 2′ sideboards. 10,000 LB load capacity. Requires 3/4 Ton or more truck to pull.

Daily Rental……….$175.00

Weekend Rate……$262.50

Deposit: $600.00.

Item: 25051

8X16 Dump trailer with 3′ sideboards. 9,600 LB load capacity. Requires 3/4 Ton or more truck to pull. 

Daily Rental……….$200.00

Weekend Rate…….$300.00

Deposit: $750.00.

Item: 26212

6 Cubic foot wheelbarrow with solid rubber tire.

Daily ……$20.00


Deposit: $70.00.