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All Kubota backhoes work the same. Watch this video for some important tips on how to operate a backhoe: (1) How to Operate a Kubota BT602 Backhoe & Product Overview | Messick’s – YouTube

If you feel you need more information or want to practice, we have a practice area. We will give a short instruction/safety class and allow you to practice for $40.00 per hour minimum 1 hour. Appointment only.

Item: 24653


BX23 TLB. A 21.6 HP diesel engine supplies the power to the 48-inch front-end loader giving it the power to lift 739 lbs. The backhoe has an incredible 1936 lbs of digging force to a depth of 6’1″.

Weight is 2785 lbs.

Daily rental……….$200.00

Weekend rate…….$300.00

Deposit: $400.00.



Kubota B26TLB. From landscaping to construction. A 24.3 HP diesel engine and 4WD insures the B26 takes productivity to the next level. The 60-inch front-end loader lift capacity is 1102 lbs. The backhoe has a digging force of 4210 lbs to a depth of 99.8 inches.

Weight is 4002 lbs.


Item: 31352


Kubota L39TLB with 4WD has a 37.5 HP diesel engine giving the front loader a lifting capacity of 2767 lbs. The backhoe has a digging force of 5825 lbs to a depth of 10 feet. 

Weight is 6987 lbs.


Weekend Rate…$450.00

Deposit: $600.00

Item: 24553

Kubota L47TLB designed for the small and large contractor who needs the power to get the job done. Powered by a 47 HP diesel engine the 72-inch front loader has a lifting capacity of 2848 lbs. The backhoe has a digging force of 5825 to a depth of 10 feet.

Weight is 7205 lbs.

Daily rental……….$350.00

Weekend rate……$525.00

Deposit: $700.00.

Item: 38453

Kubota M62 TLB with a 63 HP Kubota diesel engine, front loader with 3,960 lbs. of lift capacity and powerful Kubota backhoe with 14-foot max digging depth. Bucket Breakout Force 6,572 lbs. This is the big one. Waight 8995 LB. Requires 5/8 ball and ¾ ton truck to pull. Watch:

Daily rental……….$400.00

Weekend rate……$600.00

Deposit: $800.00.

Item: 39553

U10-5 Kubota Mini Excavator. Maximum dig depth of 5 feet 11 inches and an operating weight of 2,646 pounds. 10.3 hp, Bucket breakout force of 2,337 lb. Travel speed is 2.5 mph. The all NEW Kubota U10 Series: 1-ton tight tail swing Excavator – YouTube




Item: 34553

Excavator, Kubota U35-4R1A. With thumb and angle blade. 24.8 Gross HP. Digging force of 7924 to a depth of 9’ 8.9”. Width 5′ 7″. Height 8′ 1.2″ Operating Weight* 8450 lbs. Watch: Excavator Operation for beginners. ISO\SAE controls, parts of a machine. – YouTube

Daily rental……….$400.00

Weekend rate……$600.00

Deposit: $800.00.

Item: 34653

Skid Steer Loader. Thomas 1700  with a breakout force of 4000 lbs and a lifting capacity of 1700 lbs, this little 50 HP skid steer can do a lot of work in a short amount of time.

Weight: 6380 LBS.

Daily Rental……….$300.00

Weekend Rate……$450.00

Deposit: $600.00

Item: 34753

Skid Steer Loader. Kubota SVL65 track loader has a 2-speed transmission and a lifting capacity of 2000 lbs and dumping height of 118.5 Inches. 68.3 HP diesel engine.

Weight: 8,465 lbs

Daily Rental……….$350.00

Weekend Rate……$525.00

Deposit: $700.00

Item: 41053

Bobcat S650 wheeled loader. 2 speed transmission. Old School controls. Turbocharged Diesel 74.3 hp. 2690 lbs lifting capacity. Max Dump Height 96″. Weight 8,300 lbs.

Daily Rental……….$400.00

Weekend Rate…..$600.00

Deposit: $800.00.

Item: 19753

Kubota SVL 75 track loader has a 2 speed transmission and a lifting capacity of 2300 lbs and a dumping height of 119.1 inches. 74.3 HP diesel engine. Watch: How to Operate a Kubota SVL 75-2 (Skid Steer) – YouTube

Weight: 9032 lbs.


Trencher 4 Foot by 6 Inch. Adjustable depth control foot. Spoil removal auger. The benefits of this design include consistent digging depths, efficient spoil removal, minimal ground disturbance and a clean job finish. 

Daily Rental……….$160.00

Weekend Rate…..$240.00

Deposit: $320.00.

Item: 25353

Ditch Witch C16 Walk Behind Trencher. Rented w/trailer. Trench Size (max) Depth 36in Width 6in.

Watch: (2) Ditch Witch Walk Behind Trencher Safety & Operation – YouTube

Weight: 1528 LBS

Daily Rental……….$225.00

Weekend Rate…….$337.50

Deposit: $450.00.

Item: 17512

 Track-Barrow, Power.

1100 LB Capacity  It’s equipped with three forward speeds plus Reverse. Watch: Honda GX200 Hydraulic Tip Track Dumper 1/2 Ton Load Capacity Gas power Wheelbarrow – YouTube

Daily ……….$100.00

Weekend ……$150.00

Deposit: $200.00.

Super Duty Stump Bucket.

Have a stump that needs to be uprooted? Then take a look at our Super Duty stump bucket. It’s great for digging up stumps, roots, and rocks. This bucket is also great for digging shallow footing for foundation work.

Coming soon.


With a 2″ hex output shaft and a Parker motor this unit can take on any job. Your choice of 9″ or 12″ inch bit.

Coming soon.

Item 39053

66-inch rock bucket. Universal fit. 2″ spacing.



Deposit $120.00

Universal fit forks. 48 Inch.



Deposit $120.00

Item: 23353

48 Inch Box Blade. Used with B23 or B26.



Deposit: $80.00.

Item: 30853

66 Inch Box Blade. Used with B26 or L39.



Deposit: $120.00.


60 Inch Land Plane/Leveler. Used with B26 or L39.


Item: 31053

72 Inch Land Plane/Leveler. Used with B26 or L39.


Item: 12312

Tie Down Kit. 2 20-foot Chains. 2 Binders.



Deposit: $40.00.

Item: 19405

Trailer Hitch 2 or 2 5/16 inch ball.



Deposit: $40.00.

Item: 24951

8X16 Dump trailer with 2′ sideboards. 10,000 LB load capacity. Requires 3/4 Ton or more truck to pull.

Daily Rental……….$175.00

Weekend Rate……$262.50

Deposit: $350.00.

Item: 25051

8X16 Dump trailer with 3′ sideboards. 9,600 LB load capacity. Requires 3/4 Ton or more truck to pull. 

Daily Rental……….$200.00

Weekend Rate…….$300.00

Deposit: $400.00.

Item: 26212

6 Cubic foot wheelbarrow with solid rubber tire.

Daily ……$20.00


Deposit: $40.00.